Help Make Affordable, Super-Fast Broadband a Reality for ALL Americans

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Unserved and Underserved Rural Areas Need Connectivity Now

The newly formed Broadband Access Coalition, a large and diverse group of tech companies, broadband ISPs and non-profit public policy groups, has petitioned the FCC to open up the airwaves for spectrum to accelerate the rollout of super-fast broadband service to all parts of America. But to make faster, more affordable broadband a reality, we need your voice to be heard.


We Need Your Support Now

Consumers, we need your voice to be heard! Please share your broadband story with the FCC and how this new broadband plan could help you. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes.


Get all the details about the coalition’s petition to the FCC to open important spectrum for broadband.

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Have your voice heard by sharing your broadband story and filing comment on BAC's petition to the FCC.

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It’s easy for ISPs, public policy interest groups, and other institutions to join our coalition and take action.

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